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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

An inspirational approach to early childhood education – nurturing children’s creative minds so they can think in new ways, ask their own questions, and test their own ideas.

Image by Edi Libedinsky

Our Story

Welcome to Tinker Learning Center, where we believe in an inspirational approach to early childhood education. Our mission is to nurture children's creative minds, encouraging them to think in new ways, ask their own questions, and test their own ideas. Located in the heart of downtown Morgan Hill, our school offers a convenient and stimulating environment for young learners to flourish.

At Tinker Learning Center, we have carefully crafted classroom environments that foster exploration, connection, and discovery. Our expansive outdoor play areas provide the perfect space for children to create, explore, and connect with nature. We believe that a resource-rich and loving environment, coupled with a well-balanced curriculum, is essential for fueling children's hearts and minds.

We are proud to offer a range of programs designed to cater to the needs of children from 2 months to 6 years old. Our Infant/Toddler and Preschool programs are thoughtfully designed to provide a holistic educational experience. Our dedicated staff members are highly qualified in child development and education, with some having been part of our team for over a decade. Their expertise and passion create a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for every child in our care.

What sets Tinker Learning Center apart is the long-lasting relationships we build with our students and their families. Many of our children grow with us from infancy all the way through to the 5th grade, forging bonds that last a lifetime. We take pride in the success of our program, which is reflected in the achievements and growth of our students.

Our curriculum is tailored to meet the unique developmental needs of each age group. From the earliest stages of infancy to the formative preschool years and beyond, we provide engaging and enriching experiences that stimulate intellectual curiosity and foster a love of learning. Through hands-on activities, interactive play, and personalized instruction, we empower children to develop their full potential.

At Tinker Learning Center, we believe that education is a journey of exploration and self-discovery. We are committed to creating an environment where children feel safe, valued, and inspired to unleash their creativity. Join us on this incredible journey as we nurture young minds, celebrate their achievements, and prepare them for a bright and fulfilling future.

Come and experience the Tinker Learning Center difference. Together, let's embark on an extraordinary adventure of growth, discovery, and endless possibilities.

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