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Ages: 2 through 5

At Tinker Learning Center, we have an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education which sees the child as strong, capable, and resilient individuals. We understand the importance of giving children a strong, nurturing foundation that excites and nourishes their innate curiosities, allowing them to build solid connections with the world around them.

We believe this sets them up for success not only in academics but also provides them with a strong sense of self and desire to make a positive impact and connection to their ever-expanding community.

Tinker Learning Center’s campus is set on a quiet street close to downtown Morgan Hill, which allows easy pick up and drop off, but also the safety and comfort of a neighborhood atmosphere. Our classroom settings are intimate, carefully planned environments to make children ‘feel at home’ with an expansive outdoor play area that allows them the freedom to do what children do best, explore.  We keep low children-to-teacher ratios to provide preschoolers the best opportunity to thrive.

Tinker Learning Center offers a balanced, comprehensive curriculum for all of our preschool children to encourage curiosity and opportunities to explore subjects they are interested in.  Through intentional teaching practicies, designed learning environments and enriched activities, our staff covers age appropriate learning in eight key areas.

Standing Toddler

Full Time Program

Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 am to 6 pm

Part Time Program

Part days- 8.30 am to 11.30 am


3/4 days a week full day

1.  Reading, Writing and Language Arts:

Children’s ability to expand their vocabulary is heightened before the age of 5.  At Tinker Learning Center, we want to instill in children a joy of storytelling along with core competency in literacy and language arts.  We do this through the following classroom activities:

  • Developing emergent reading and writing skills

  • Value of listening to stories, comprehension, and storytelling

  • Show & Tell and describing their work

  • Phonics reinforcement and vowel, and consonant sounds

  • Story sequencing through flannel board activities

Chalkboard with Different Languages
Creative woman

2. Mathematics:   

At TLC, we utilize natural occurances in nature and daily life to make math relatable and fun for our preschoolers through hands on curriculum.  We know that early, successful experiences a the pre-K level lay a foundation for positive math attitudes and willingness to tackle more advanced concepts with confidence.  We do this through:

  • Singing songs, hands on activities to help children absorb new concepts

  • Understanding patterns and sequencing

  • Numbers and shape recognition

  • Multi-sensory guided practice

3. Science & Environmental Studies:

Our science and STEM activities encourage experimenting, tinkering, building and helps children foster a curiosity in understanding occurences in the natural world.  We explore things such as weather, insects, plants through hands on projects.  At TLC, our large outdoor space allows children space for this exploration along with the myriad of activities set up in their classrooms, including the following:

  • Experimenting with salt, baking soda and other solubles

  • Planting an indoor sponge garden

  • Learning anatomy of a preying mantis

  • Categorization of plants, fruits from the TLC community garden

  • Creating their own fossils and much more!

Science Kit
Creative woman

4. Creative Arts

An appreciation of art as well as learning to express themselves in many mediums allow children the ability to hone in on their observation skills.   Through art, children excercise their imagination, construct meaning and depict their experiences.  At TLC, we weave in creative arts as part our curriculum through the following activities:

  • Create paintings that demonstrate personal observations about objects, feelings or places.

  • Experiment with mixing colors and mixing different mediums

  • Working with various mediums and tools and their manipulation: clay, paint, oil, pastels, sponges

  • Construct collage using found objects, experimenting with omposition, layering, placement of shapes

  • Reflection of their work and process

5. Geography, Culture & Community

Our goal is to ensure TLC children feel they are an important, vital part of their community.  We create curriculum to help children explore their own cultures and backgrounds as well as to develop them to become well rounded, global citizens. We are lucky enough to be a part of an intimate community in Morgan Hill in which these dreams can be supported.  Inquisitions with our children include:

  • Where are things located?

  • What characteristics make a place special?

  • What are the relationships among people and places?

  • What culture am I from?  What culture/place are my friends from?

Arts and Crafts Class
Violin Practice

6. Music & Movement:

Through music and movement, children build motor and social skills and increase independence and language abilities.  Children just want to move and express themselves. In addition to outdoor play time, we provide them ample time in the classroom to express themselves through song and dance. We select songs and activities that:

  • Encourage active involvement

  • Have repetitive easy to learning phrases

  • Relate to the interests of the children

  • Emphasize rhythm, rhyme and alliteration

  • And above all else, is fun and engaging to children!

7. Foreign Language

Research has shown that infancy and early childhood is the ideal time to immerse children in a foreign language. Frequent daily exposure to words and active social engagement help to foster language learning more fully.  At Tinker Learning Center, we try take advantage of this brief window by exposing them to the following languages:

  • Spanish

  • American SIgn Language

Mother and Daughter Communicating
Online Education

8. Technology

At Tinker Learning Center, we have a different approach to how technology should be used in the classroom.  We help children understand new ways to look and relate to the world around them through technology as a medium.  This includes:

  • Create your own adventure through the use of projectors and child-made rocket ships

  • Art and patterns of dragonfly wings through digital microscopes

  • Creating stop motion animation with legos


If this feels like the right school for your family, we invite you to come to our school for a tour!

Schedule a tour by calling 408.779.7678 or emailing us at

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